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Earring Care Instructions

The earrings are made with the highest quality artist grade polymer clay. After being shaped and sculpted, we bake every piece in the oven until the pieces are fully cured.

They are all durable, yet slightly flexible. Do not bend them. Given the fragile nature of the clay, be sure to handle with care. The surfaces of the clay can be easily scratched by harder materials so please be mindful where you store them or lay them next to.

Makeup, oils and other dirt can be easily removed from the clay components. Use a wet paper towel or tissue and put a tiny amount of handsoap on it (clear works best), CAREFULLY rub the soiled spot gently. Use a dry paper towel or tissue to rub dry. Keep them in a dry cool place and avoid getting them wet during normal wear and storage. 

We hope you love your new earrings as much as we love making them!